Monetise your content
Turn users into customers

User authentication, subscription and paywall as a service. Create a new revenue stream from your own content or service. Don't rely on advertising as your sole source of revenue anymore!

Trusted by leading publishers and content creators

Convert your users into subscribers. Tollbridge is the paywall solution for publishers, bloggers & influencers.

How does it work?

Set your own pricing plans and convert engaged users into paying customers.

Convert users into paying customers

Quick and intuitive registration and login process for your users.

  • Paywall access to your content

    Restrict access to your premium content only to your subscribed customers.

  • Quick integration to your existing system

    Use our JavaScript tags or our server-side REST API to control access to your content.

  • Multiple social login options

    Allow your users to quickly authenticate using an email/password or their existing social login details.

Tollbridge user register

User and subscription management

Allow your users choose from multiple plans including free plans.

  • Secure online payments

    We partner with Stripe to process payments, their system offers advanced fraud detection and multiple payment support.

  • Subscription management

    Your customers have full control over their subscriptions, they can change or cancel their plan direct from their own dashboard.

  • Mailing list integration

    Customers can be automatically added to your mailchimp mailing lists helping to grow your audience reach.

Admin management system

Advanced reporting, customer and subscription dashboard.

  • Reporting dashboard

    Advanced admin reporting dashboard showing KPI data on your users and subscriptions.

  • Whitelist user control

    Add users to whitelist and allow them bypass any payment options. Useful for when you want to give free access to select users.

  • Quick payouts to your bank account

    Quick and direct payouts into your bank account facilitated by our payment partners, Stripe.

  • Discount coupon codes

    Provide offers, discounts and promotions to your users via the use of discount coupon codes.

Tollbridge user register

Bridge the gap between your users and content

Implement our content based paywall and convert your users into paying customers.

Frequently asked questions

How much does the service cost?

We only get paid when you get paid. We charge a small 5% (+ processing fees) of each transaction that is processed via the system.

How do I integrate it with my existing system?

You can integrate our system via our JavaScript client library or via our server-side REST API, our system utilises the standard oAuth flow.

Who built Tollbridge?

Square1, the company behind Publisher Plus, the leading digital platform for publishers, developed Tollbridge. Square1 are a Stripe verified expert partner.

How long does it take to get setup?

By using our front end JavaScript client, you can get up and running within a couple of hours.

What about support if I have any questions?

We offer a free ticket based support service and live chat for all standard users. We can also offer a dedicated email and support phone plan for an additional charge.

Why should I implement a paywall?

Paywalls allow you to convert your users into paying customers and allow you to move away from relying on advertising as your sole source of revenue!

Support team

A Publisher Plus Product

Tollbridge is a Publisher Plus product developed by the team at Square1. Publisher Plus is an enterprise digital publishing platform for content creators used by newspaper, magazine, radio and digital publishers from all around the globe.

Developed by Square1, a Stripe verified expert partner.

How much does it cost?

It's free to get up and running, our pricing models means we only get paid when you do!

Free to get started

It's completely free to get started. We only receive a small percentage (plus industry-standard rate for processing payments) once you start earning from your customers.


  • Paywall for your premium content

  • Server-side REST API integration

  • Access to our support team

  • Our frontend JavaScript library

Platform fee from:

5% / transaction

+ payment processing fees & taxes

Don't rely on advertising as your sole source of revenue

Create a new revenue stream from your own content or service.

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